Welcome to Orange State Door Health, where our doors are always open to you.

As a small practice in the state of Florida, we believe in helping our patients and followers stay healthy through basic home care. Our goal is to treat the cause of an illness rather than the symptoms that are being displayed. That means if you come in with a sickness, we will work hard with you to determine where the sickness came from and treat the root cause rather than simply giving you a prescription that will help you feel better. Granted, there are times when we prescribe medications to help ease the symptoms. Too many times, though, medical staff only offer medications that manage the symptoms rather than helping the patient figure out how to avoid the sickness in the first place when possible.

That is where this blog comes in. We will discuss many of the simple ailments we see come in our practice and what patients can do from home to help resolve the issue. We hope you will follow along and glean information that is helpful to you and your family.

If there are any issues you would like for us to cover here, please Contact us.